Seche Base Ridge Filling Base Coat Review

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Hello Everyone,
Today I am reviewing Seche Base Ridge Filling Base Coat. I have showed this in my June Haul here.
Product Description - Seche Base is specially formulated to help disguise nail imperfections. Seche Base has an incomparable bonding ability and will give Seche Vite the best anchor to hold onto. 

Price – 7 USD

Performance – Seche Base Ridge Filling Base Cost is milky white in colour and has a pearlescent finish. It is neither to runny nor to thick and goopy in consistency. Brush is a standard nail polish brush round and straight at the top. It applies smoothly on to the nails and does quite a nice job of filling the ridges and unevenness of nails and leaves a smooth surface to work upon. When I use this my nail polish goes on much smoother and this helps with the staying power as well. With this underneath my nail polish I have experienced less staining issues. Its milky white colour doesn't affect the actual shade of nail polishes, I usually wear bright shades and I have faced no such issue but if you wear sheer nail polishes or real light shades then it might affect the final result. So it is something you should keep in mind while buying this. On its own also it looks quite nice and I have used this by itself with a top coat over it for low maintenance yet groomed look.

The Good:
  • Fills the ridges effectively
  • Smoothens nails
  • Nail polish lasts longer
  • Less staining
  • Looks nice on its own also
  • Quantity (14 ml)
The Bad:
  • None as such
This has actually improved my manicure routine and works great for me. I am sorted for a while with this one because a little goes a long way.

PS - It was not showing up in pictures so I have applied 2 - 3 coats of this so that it is visible in the pictures. With single coat it does not look this white.

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  1. This brand is awesome! I've tried their Dry Fast Top Nail Coat and it's great!

  2. @Bernarda Alvarez: Their dry fast top nail coat is bomb dotcom :))

  3. I have heard a lot about this brand and would love to try it but they seem to be quite expensive in India :(

  4. I have the base coat from Seche and like it a lot, it helps in prolonging the stay of my easily chipping nail polishes

  5. @Rajshree: The products are really nice but that's bad that they are expensive in India.

  6. @Preethy: I will try that next but this one is working great for me right now and it definitely helps my nail polish stay longer.