H&M Lip Colour To Go in Bonne Vivante Review & Swatches

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Hello Everyone,

Today I am reviewing the H&M Lip Colour To Go in Bonne Vivante. I was so unsure about these and whether I am going to like them or not. If you have been reading my blog (Thank you!! I love you.) then you know that I really like the eyeliner reviewed here and the lipgloss reviewed here a lot. So let’s see how this one fares out.

Product Description - A lipstick pencil with a pleasant, moisturizing formula that delivers great color results. Available in a variety of forms with transparent, matte or creamy finish. The pen width makes it easy for a makeup on the go.

Price – 7 USD

Performance – H&M Lip Colour To Go in Bonne Vivante is a warm medium toned rosey pink shade with slight purple undertones. I could be totally wrong about purple undertones so please let me know if you see slight purple undertones or not. Nonetheless it is a very pretty shade and is on the lines of MLBB shade. Perfect for everyday wear and looks great even with a smokey eye look. It is really velvety smooth and just glides on your lips. No pulling or tugging at all. Quite moisturising as well. Finish of this is something I really like apart from it being a creamy formula it doesn't look to shiny or glossy on the lips. It doesn't settle into the lip lines or accentuate them. Very pigmented and the opacity of these is such that they can cover pigmented or discoloured lips.  It is not transfer or kiss proof but staying power is decent. It can last easily for 5 -6 hours with slight fading in the middle and it can withstand a meal and is not completely wiped off but you definitely need to touch it up for that perfect look. If you use a lipliner then the wear time definitely improves. The only point of concern with this is the fragrance, it smells like sweet candies and the smell is quite strong. Personally I don’t mind it and I don’t sense it once I have applied it. But if you don’t like scented stuff then it could be an issue for you. I would recommend to try it out in store before buying it.

The Good:
  • Creamy and smooth
  • Moisturising
  • Pretty shade
  • Doesn't settle into fine lines.
  • Decent staying power
  • Covers pigmented or discoloured lips
  • Affordable
The Bad:
  • Fragrance might be a concern for some.

Love the colour, formula and pigmentation of these. Have decent staying power as well. I highly recommend them and if you can do try them out.

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  1. @Beautifulhamesha: Thank you and l am really loving it.

  2. I do see purple in the swatches too :) Lovely everyday wear shade...
    xx | My Recent Post

  3. @Lana R: I am not the only one then....thank you Lana.

  4. You've picked a simple yet chic colour :) Thank you for your review I'll find these H & M lip crayons :)

  5. The shade is pretty. Such a lovely muted maroon.

  6. @Valentina Chirico: I am so glad you liked the review. Thank you

  7. Beautiful amazing shade <3 lovely review :)

  8. @Mariyam A: I really love this shade. Thank you!!

  9. such a beautiful shade looks like something I would love to wear everyday.. is it just me or this shade somehow looks like Revlon Colorburst matte in Sultry

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  10. @Rajshree: I am loving this shade a lot and it's perfect for everyday wear. IMO Revlon Colorburst matte in Sultry is a lot darker, this looks more pinky.

  11. I've been using some of the H&M crayons too, really like the quality for the price. How difficult do you find sharpening them? I was trying to do that for the first time and I really couldn't sharpen much of it.

  12. Laura: Sharpening them is such a hassle..I so wish these were twist up pencils. Apart from that these are great. What shades are you using and which ones you like the most??

  13. At the start, when I fisr saw them, I really thought they were twist up pencils. Hate when you have to sharpen away a good product. Oh yes, I really like them a lot. I've been using Chocs Away for the whole past week. I have couple more, but I haven't started using them yet.

  14. @Laura: I definitely want to pick up more of these...Will surely check out Chocs Away.

  15. This is such a beautiful colour and it sounds like a great product!!!


  16. @R Hodkinson: It is a great one. I love the shade and its my go to lip product for everyday.

  17. How do you sharpen it? I've bought three different sharpeners. I can't find one that fits.