Rodial Smokey Eye Pen in Black Review

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Hello Everyone,

Today I am reviewing Rodial Smokey Eye Pen in Black for you guys. Rodial is a high end luxury skincare and makeup brand loved by many celebrities. I got this in my July Glossybox and was really excited about this product. Let’s see how this one fared out.

Product Description: Create a bold eye with this kohl eyeliner. With super-rich pigment and gel-effect definition, this long-lasting soft formula can be easily blended to create a dramatic smokey eye.

Price: USD 21/ 17 GBP

Performance:  Rodial Smokey Eye Pen in Black is jet black eyeliner with a matte finish. This eyeliner is so buttery soft and creamy in texture and goes on like a dream. No tugging or pulling at all. It is packed with pigment and just one swipe does the job. It can be smudged easily but if you smudge it too quickly or put too much pressure while doing so it sheers out. 
Now coming on to the most important part that is the staying power. It is not that impressive in that department. The issue I face with it is, it doesn’t dry down and set. Due to that it smudges easily and even with the slightest touch it comes right off. So I thought okay have to be a bit careful and avoid touching. But that didn’t help much either, 30 minutes in of me wearing it and I saw it got transferred to my upper eyelids and I had a very visible black line above my crease. Not a cute look. I agree I have oily eyelids and quite a few eyeliner smudge on me but I didn’t expect it from this one. Considering it is a high-end product I was expecting a wow product. My 5$ H&M eyeliners performs way better than this.
I have tried it using with an eye primer and could see a slight improvement but still it smudged. The only way it works is if I set it with a black eye shadow. Okay so I can make it work but on daily bases I don’t have the time to set it with black eye shadow. Surprisingly though it lasts way longer on my waterline. I can get 4-5 hours of wear time on my waterline with it slightly fading from the outer corner of the eyes. It doesn’t irritate my eyes which is always good and is easy to remove.

The Good:

  • Very pigmented
  • Did not irritate my eyes
  • Texture is really creamy soft
  • Applies like a dream
The Bad:      

  • Smudges and transfers
  • Doesn’t set
  • Expensive
  • Lose it's shape too quickly
  • Sharpening leads to product wastage

I was really excited to see this in my glossybox and I had high expectations from this product. But I am not at all impressed with it and I find some of my drugstore eyeliners perform way better than this. I really liked the creamy texture and pigmentation of this and I would have been fine with slight smudging but the transferring bit really puts me off. I think it might work for people who don’t have oily eyelids because I have read quite a few positive reviews about it.

Hope you liked this post!!

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  1. I love soft and creamy pencils but it's too bad this one does not dry out. Plus, it is so expensive. Great review! :)


  2. @Yioutou_La: I love creamy eye pencils but this one smudges and transfers a lot.

  3. Such a great review. I am so excited to try this smokey eye pen.

  4. @Vidya Gawas: Thank you. Do let us know how you find it.