Oriflame Happy Skin Caring Body Lotion Sensitive Skin Review

By Friday, March 20, 2015 ,

Hi Everyone,
Its Friday wooh hooo ! Hope everybody had a nice week and have some nice plans for the weekend. I am having some friends over today and its going to be a fun evening. Loads of food and maybe a movie. Enough with the talk and lets get to business. Today I am reviewing a body lotion which I bought without thinking much of but let’s see how it turned out to be.

Product Description:

A mild body lotion developed to protect and care for sensitive skin. With soothing Linseed Oil to help reduce the feel of irritation, this moisturiser leaves skin softer to the touch.

It comes in this white plastic bottle with pink label on it and has this flip top cap which shuts with a nice click sound. But the bottle is a bulky one to carry around.

I have dry skin so for me using a body lotion or a body butter is a must. For years I have been using Cetaphil Moisturising Lotion or The Body Shop body butters they both suit me really well so I just switch between these two. Apart from these two I didn’t try out much but Oriflame Happy Skin surprised me in a nice way. I didn’t expect much of it when I bought it but it’s a really nice body lotion.  Oriflame Happy Skin Body Lotion comes in three variants Sensitive skin, Normal skin and Extra dry skin. As you can see I bought the one for sensitive skin, idea behind buying the sensitive skin version was generally products developed for people with sensitive skin don’t have harsh chemicals which might irritate the skin so here I was just trying to play safe.

The lotion itself is white in colour and has this fruity slightly citrusy smell which I quite like. It feels so fresh and nice to apply this in the morning as a matter of fact any time of the day and fragrance lingers on you for while. The fragrance is not too strong but people who don’t like scented lotion may not like it. The texture is not completely non- greasy but not overtly greasy as well. It’s not like you have to really rub it in and wait for it to absorb before getting dressed. It spreads evenly leaving the skin feeling really moisturized and silky soft. Oriflame says that it provides 24 hours moisture ahhhh I don’t think so it moisturizes for 24 hrs but it definitely does moisture your body for quite a long time. I used it in the morning and have checked back at 3-4  in the afternoon and skin felt moisturised and no sign of dryness as such but then by 9 -10 in the night its started to feel little dry and flaky. I would say it moisturizes for good 8-10 hrs which is not bad at all.

The Good:
  • Nice Fragrance
  • Moisturizes really nicely
  • Makes skin silky soft
  • Comes in three variants
  • Decently priced
The Bad:
  • Availability could be issue because you can get Oriflame products only through their reps.

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  1. Nice pics! this sounds like a decent lotion!
    My Beauty Blog

  2. @ Lana: Thanks for the lovely comment and visiting the blog. Ya its a nice lotion.

  3. This seems nice. I am fed up of finding a oriflame rep, planning to order from online shops now :) Lovely review

  4. @ Swathi: I agree finding a rep is a pain :( but I like the brand. Thank you for the lovely comment.

  5. Great product :P


  6. I really loved your pics. This one sounds like a good. Thanks for your lovely comment on the blog.

  7. Thank you for your lovely comment and visiting the blog.

  8. Thank you for your kind words and visiting the blog...xoxo

  9. I've seen it before! Maybe I'll try it, thanks for the review.

  10. @ Adriana: hope you like it and thanks...

  11. sounds like a decent product... happy that it is non greasy :)


  12. I've been hearing quite a lot about this brand lately, I wish I could try some of their products :) awesome review. xx


  13. Sounds like a good product! Too bad it isn't easy to get.


  14. @Alexandra: It's a nice brand and offers really good products..Thanks for stopping by..xoxo

  15. @Dressed2dNines: Sometimes it can get a tad bit difficult to get hold of products.

  16. I would love to try out the Oriflame products, I will consider this one too, sound pretty good! x Josune, Your Beauty Script


  17. @Yourbeautyscript: Do try it and thanks for visiting the blog.

  18. I personally like oriflame products a lot and this one is definitely worth trying! Thanks for sharing hun <3

    Have a blessed week ahead!

  19. It is good body lotion if purchased on discount.. I have used normal skin version and liked it a lot but these are rarely on discount :) on my normal skin i like the moisturizing effect, though for winters i used extra dry skin variant..

  20. @Charu: Me tooo...thanks for the lovely words and visiting the blog.

  21. @Senseiteve Anubhuti: I have never tried this body lotion before so was not sure how its gonna be. But I really liked it and next time I am going for the dry skin one. Thanks for stopping by.

  22. Sounds fab! I believe in 'the richer the better' when it comes to body care :-)

  23. @ Kiss & Make-up: Its nice and I totally agree with you I always gravitate towards thick creamier products for body care.

  24. Does it removes sports on the body?