L’oreal SuperLiner Silkissime in 02 Brown Tempatation Review & Swatches

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Hello Everyone,

Today I am going to review L’oreal SuperLiner Silkissime in 02 Brown Tempatation. I have been on a look out for good brown eyeliner for a while now and I have tried one from Deborah Milano you can read about that here. But as you may know it was a fail product. I wanted something from the drug store so after doing some research I thought of going for the L’oreal Silkissime one. Let’s see how this one fares out.
Product Description: Superliner Silkissime is a waterproof eye pencil that contains additional black pigment and oils making formula soft and easy to work with. You get an intensive long-lasting result.

Price: 9 USD

Packaging: It is a sharpenable plastic eye pencil with colour coded bottom. It is bit difficult to sharpen it due plastic body.

Performance: L’oreal Super Liner Silkissime in 02 Brown Tempatation is a dark brown eye pencil with a very subtle coppery shimmer in it. The texture of this is really soft and creamy and goes on smoothly on eyes without any tugging or pulling. It can be smudged easily but you have a little room to play around but if you smudge it too quickly or put too much pressure while doing so it sheers out. It does not go opaque in a single swipe on me so I need 2 swipes to get the desired colour payoff. It has amazing staying power it lasted for more than 10 hours on my upper eyelids with slight fading by the end of the day nothing major. I was pleasantly surprised because pencil eyeliner doesn’t last that long on me, I have quite an oily eyelids. It slightly got transferred to my upper eyelids because it takes a minute or two to set. But once it’s set it doesn’t budge and is smudge resistant if you leave you eyes alone. If you touch or rub your eyes then it gets rubbed of easily so it isn’t smudge proof. I have used it on my waterline as well and it does not irritate my eyes at all. Although it is waterproof it comes right off with any makeup remover. The formula is quite creamy so the tip loses it shape very quickly and you have to sharpen it to maintain a sharp tip. If you are some one who likes thin precise liners then you would not like this.

Shade comparison of Deborah Milano 03 and L'oreal Silkissime 02

The Good:

·         Amazing staying power
·         Does not transfer
·         Smudge resistant
·         Nice shade
·         Did not irritate my eyes
·         Texture is really creamy soft
·         Waterproof

The Bad:

·         Loose it shape too quickly
·         Sharpening leads to product wastage

This eye pencil has amazing staying and once set it does not budge. The shade is really nice and a great alternative for black eyeliners, texture is soft and smooth. I really like this a lot and would highly recommend it. If you can definitely try it out.

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  1. Interesting product kiss


  2. I have to see if i can get in here ,,, hate when I apply it to my upper water line and thennnn transfers to my bottom one ...ughhhh1

  3. @Monica: If you can do try it and when eyeliner gets transferred its very annoying.

  4. i like the finish of the pencil

  5. finish is really good but i like my kajal super black :P but this one is also a good option :) nice review dear..

  6. @Senseiteve: I was looking for a brown one so picked up this one and finish of this is really good.