H&M Colour Essence Eye Pencil in Wildlife Review & Swatches

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Hello Everyone,

Today I am reviewing H&M Colour Essence Eye Pencil in Wildlife which I have recently hauled from H&M New Makeup Collection you can see what all I got here. The colour is really pretty and it swatched nicely as well but is it as good as Lovely Lilac? Let's find out.

Product Description: A richly pigmented eyeliner pencil with soft and creamy formula. It is easy to apply and sit all day. The pen is available in a variety of intense shades with different effects - from matte to metallic, pearlescent and glittery. 1.2 g. How to use: apply along the lash line and smudge then to the desired results.

Price: 5.7 USD

Packaging: It is a sharpenable plastic eye pencil with colour coded bottom. It is bit difficult to sharpen it due plastic body.

Performance: H&M Colour Essence Eye Pencil in Wildlife is a khaki/mossy green shade with golden shimmer. Texture of this is soft and creamy and goes on smoothly without any tugging or pulling. It can be smudged easily and you have a little room to play around but if you smudge it too quickly or put too much pressure while doing so it sheers out. It is well pigmented but still I like to go over twice to get the desired intensity of colour. Staying power is amazing it stayed put for the whole day on my upper eyelids with slight fading by the end of the day nothing major. It did not get transferred to my upper eyelids, once set it didn’t budge and is almost smudge proof. Almost smudge proof? It doesn’t get rubbed of completely with slight touching or rubbing, just fades a little. I have used it on my waterline as well and it does not irritate my eyes at all. It is no where mentioned if it's waterproof or not. Taking it off is slightly tedious because it has shimmer particles so I had to go in second time with my eye makeup remover to get rid of the shimmer completely. The formula is creamy so the tip loses it shape very quickly and you have to sharpen it to maintain a pointy tip. If you are some one who likes thin precise liners then you would not like this.

The Good:

·         Amazing staying power
·         Does not transfer
·         Smudge Proof
·         Nice shades
·         Did not irritate my eyes
·         Texture is really creamy soft

The Bad:

·         Loose it shape too quickly
·         Sharpening leads to product wastage

This eye pencil has amazing staying power and it does not budge. The shade is really nice, texture is soft and smooth. I really like and would highly recommend them. If you can definitely try it out.

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  1. The shade is absolutely gorgeous!

  2. @Heena Vcb: Totally agree...Loving it.

  3. @Serene Sparkle: I fell in love with the shade the moment I swatched it.

  4. I like the very fine shimmer the shade has. Very pretty.

  5. @Sangeeta: Shimmer is very subtle and I really love the shade.

  6. That was a very detailed review, I'll surely try the brown shimmer soon. Thanks for sharing!
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  7. @Chaicy Style A Pastiche: Thank you dear and do try it out.

  8. Nicely written. Definitely a gorgeous brown.