Maxfactor False Lash Effect Waterproof Mascara Review

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Hello Everyone,

Today I am reviewing Maxfactor False Lash Effect Waterproof Mascara for you guys.

Product Description:
Say goodbye to false eyelashes. False Lash Effect Mascara doubles the size of your lashes and gives a result you only thought could give false eyelashes. The secret is a combination of Max Factor's biggest ever brush and formula with Liquid Lash technology. For every volumising sweep the brush across lashes gives the mascara around the fringe without clumping and gives you the lashes you only dreamed of.

Price: Approx 9USD/ 10.99 GBP

Performance: This has quite a wet formula to being with but it dries a bit over time but not too much. It has a big fat brush with rubber bristles along the length of the wand. The brush is so big it takes a bit getting used to. It is still easier to work with on top lashes but not that easy with the bottom lashes. You have to be really careful otherwise you will end up with mascara bits all over your under eye area. Plus the brush picks up way to much product so getting the excess of product off is a must every time you dip the brush into the product.

It coats the lashes nicely with one sweep and makes them look much defined in one go. It definitely has lengthening effect and holds the curls beautifully but it is not very volumizing. You can build it up a bit but it tends to get clumpy. Two coats are fine but if you go in with another coat to get the volume it gets clumpy. Moving on to the waterproof/ staying power part. This is the most waterproof mascara I have ever tried. This simply does not budge got rained on and nothing, been in the water and nothing. It stays put no matter what, doesn’t flake or smudge, doesn’t irritate my eyes and lasts for whole day until I remove it. But boy this is not easy to remove; I used an oil based cleanser to remove it twice and still woke up with black residue under my eyes.

The Good:

  • Nice Formula
  • Very pigmented, true black
  • Definitely lengthens the lashes
  • Holds the curl beautifully
  • Doesn't smudge 
  • Doesn’t flake
  • Stay put all day long
  • Truly Waterproof
  • Doesn't irritate the eyes 
The Bad: 

  • It’s difficult to work with on lower lashes, wand is too thick.
  • Difficult to remove. Use an oil base cleanser or coconut oil also works great in removing it.

This mascara definitely lengthens the lashes, makes them look very defined, holds the curl beautifully, lasts all day long and is waterproof in true sense. If this is what you are going for then definitely try out this mascara. But if you are looking for volume then this is not the one. I like this mascara but not a huge fan of it. I like using it when I know it is going to be a long day and I am out and about and want something that will stay put without flaking or smudging. And I think this would be good for summers and beach holidays.

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  1. This mascara sounds a dream!! I haven't found one that does not flake, does not smudge and stays all day! I added it in my wishlist :)


  2. @Yiotou_La: It is a great one if you want a mascara that will stay put. This would have been my perfect mascara if it was a bit more volumising.

  3. sounds great!!! I must try this mascara!!! nice review..:-)

  4. @Don'a D: Thank you Dona. It is a nice mascara, I wish it gave a little more volumizing.

  5. Looks like a great mascara :)

  6. thanks for the review!
    i love Max factor's mascaras in general, but I never wear waterproof because I have very sensitive eyes :(

  7. @Natalia A: Maxfactor has some real nice mascaras. I prefer waterproof because my eyes get watery and with normal formula I end up with black tears marks :(

  8. I like to use mascara for lowers lashes too. I wish this has a narrow wand.

  9. Love the fact that it doesn't budge or smudge!! Sounds great:)

  10. @Perkymegs: Ya the wand is to big for lower lashes.

  11. @Anamika: Love that this mascara just stays put. No smudging or flaking at all.

  12. Looks like good mascara specially for humid summer of Mumbai..

    Love | MakeupDrama
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  13. @Gressa: It will be great for humid weather. It is great one if it was a bit more volumizing it would have been a perfect one.

  14. Lovely review! So satisfying! Would like to try!

  15. Thanks for the review. Will give it a try.