Essence Mosaic Blush in 20 All You Need Is Pink Review

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Hello Everyone,

Today I am reviewing Essence Mosaic Blush in 20 All You Need Is Pink for you guys.

Product Description: Mix it. Coordinated colours arranged in a mosaic-pattern and mingle during application to an individual colouring – blush for every skin type.

Price: €3

Packaging: It comes in a transparent compact case which looks very basic but it is quite sturdy. The lid shuts nice and tight and stays that way in your bag.

Performance: Essence Mosaic Blush in 20 All You Need Is Pink as the name says is a pink blush with a hint of coral in it. The blushes have a beautiful mosaic pattern that looks so attractive and which is why I bought it. Got totally sucked into by the way it looks. Each blush has three different coloured triangles, which you can swirl together to get the perfect shade. All you Need Is Pink has two pink shades and a coral one, which once swirled together gives you a pretty peachy pink blush shade. 

At first glance it looks like a matte blush but it is not. It has a slight sheen to it but is not glittery and you don’t end up looking like a glitter ball. It just adds a nice wash of colour that looks very natural and subtle. Formula of the blush is a bit powdery but not chalky. The application part is very smooth and blush is very blendable. Pigmentation wise it is on the sheer side, so for daily wear it is a nice option plus if you are a beginner this is great one to start with because it is pretty much a goof proof product. You can definitely layer it up to make it more intense but still looks very subtle and I like that about this blush. Lasting power is decent as well and it lasts for 4-5 hours on me before it starts to fade away.

The Good:

  • Available in four shades.
  • Very affordable
  • Easy to blend.
  • Gives a very subtle and natural look
  • Nice staying power.
  • Good Quality

The Bad:

  • Availability is an issue.
I really like this blush and is great for daily wear. Essence product are so affordable and of good quality. You can’t go wrong with them. If you can do try them out.

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  1. very beautiful blush... would love to own it. Nice review

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  2. Swathi: Real pretty one to look at. I am glad you liked the review.

  3. The blush is so pretty on the pan... The shade seems good for daily wear. Great review.

  4. @Thebeauty insideout:Thank you. Love the way it looks and perfect shade for everyday wear.

  5. such a pretty little thing :)

  6. Lovely blush. Thanks for the review.