KIKO Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow in 05 & 06 Review

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Hello Everyone, 

Today I am reviewing KIKO Long Lasting  Stick Eyeshadow in 05 & 06 for you guys. These are one of the most popular products from the brand and people really like these. Let's see how they fared out for me. 

Product Description - Stick Eyeshadow - Extreme hold for a blendable intense colour. The creamy formula ensures extreme blendability of the line immediately after application. Once set, the colour remains uniform and radiant for up to 8 hours, without streaking or smudging. Water Resistant, Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow gives splendid, pure and vibrant colour tones. Application is simple and comfortable, thanks to the special rounded stick and its ultra-smooth and light texture. Available in 32 high-impact shades.

Price: 5.90 USD/ 6.90 GBP

Packaging: It comes in a matte plastic stick packaging with coloured coded bottoms. Just swirl the stick for product to come out. Packaging is sturdy and very convenient to use.

Performance: I have two shades of KIKO Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow – 05 & 06. 

Shade 05: Is a rosy brown/taupey shade with pink shimmers in it. Beautiful shade and looks amazing on the eyes.

Shade 06: Is a golden bronze shade with silver shimmers in it. This one is almost identical to Maybelline Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze.

Both the shades are really pretty and have metallic finish. Formula and texture wise they are really buttery soft and creamy. Glides smoothly on eyelids without any tugging or pulling. And oh boy they are packed with pigment, just one swipe does the job. However if you blend it out it sheers down but that’s not huge because you can layer it up to get the desired intensity. They are very blendable but you have to keep in mind that when you apply it you have around a minute’s window to blend it out before it dries down. Because once it dries down it pretty much sets, so I suggest you do one eye at a time. They claim that it stays put for 8 hours but with me that’s not the case. On me it stays for 4 -5 hours before it starts creasing and fading. But I have to say I have very oily eyelids so that doesn’t help at all. With a primer underneath wear time definitely improves. I am not too impressed with the staying power but it is not too bad either. Taking it off is pretty easy, I use an oil based cleanser so there has never been an issue.

The Good:

  • Available in 32 shades
  • Formula is smooth and creamy
  • Pigmented
  • Can be applied with fingers or brush
  • No shimmer fallout.
  • Layers well
  • Dries down in a minute
  • Very easy to use
  • Travel friendly
The Bad:
  • Doesn’t last for 8 hours.
  • Creases after 4-5 hours.
  • Availability
I really like the shades and the ease of using these. Staying power is not the best but it is not the worst. Might not be the best pick if you are going to be having a long day but for an occasion or eating out or for when you know you are out for 4 – 5 hours only it is a nice option. I carry it in makeup bag for touch ups and it works out fine.

Hope you liked this post!!

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  1. lovely shades! the packaging would make them so easy to just slap on too! x

    Aditi |

  2. @Lifeasaditi: They are very easy to use and packaging sure helps.

  3. Very nice shade. Liked it :)

  4. @Vidya: The shades are really nice. Thanks.

  5. I have sooo many! Like a dozen different shades? I must say they don't act the same. I have a sage green one which is really poor compared to the rest.
    However #06 is my favourite and I love using it after primer and before powder eyeshadow. That way even with my oily lids I can easily get it to last 12 hours!

  6. @Simona LightYourNails: 06 is my favourite too. With primer and powder eyeshadow longevity definitely improves but I would have loved them even more if on their own they lasted for 8 hours as they claim.